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Show Appreciation.

Build Connections.

Spread Joy.

Why Compliment Cards?

Appreciation, connection, self- and social awareness, joy. These are just a few of the things that genuine compliments can produce. Personal compliments build trust, foster positive self-esteem and strengthen relationships. Professional compliments show and foster appreciation, encourage positivity and solidify teams.


These compliment cards are designed to be a tangible reminder of positivity and acknowledgement. And they're easy to use for both extroverts and introverts. 


As you go through this deck you will see many types of compliments suitable for a wide range of situations just waiting for you to hand them to someone and make their day. Maybe you want to leave one next to the coffee pot for your loved one to find or on the desk of a teammate who consistently goes above and beyond. Or you hand one to a stranger who looks like they need a boost or one that is a shining example of unexpected awesomeness. 


How you hand them out is up to you, and as you do you get the extra bonus of knowing you're spreading a little bit of joy and happiness in the world with every card you give. And you never know, maybe the person you give it to, will be inspired to pass it on and make someone else's day.

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Origin Story

Colorful bosses started as a way to provide resources to anyone who wanted be a positive force in the world. Separately the creators of colorful bosses work with individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations on doing more, being better and making an impact within their communities. Together they create ways for the quietest introvert to the most outgoing extrovert to have a positive immediate impact on those around them. 



Sheth Zawahri

Sonal Sheth Zawahri is an author, emotional intelligence strategist and motivational coach who mentors individuals, trains teams and has partnered with Fortune 500 companies. Her clientele includes Eli Lilly, Insperity, and Ivy Tech Community College as well as a number of non-profit organizations such as Starfish Initiative and Big Brother, Big Sister. As the President/Founder of Tru You, it is Sonal’s passion to inspire others to bring their authentic selves to fruition. 

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Aisha Cargile is an author, marketing educator and business strategist. An educator at heart, she believes that knowledge and joy are to be shared and has volunteered with a variety of professional and charitable organizations, including, Maddie Smiles: Random Acts of Kindness a community-based organization that focuses on improving the mindset and outlook of local populations through acts of kindness designed to inspire positivity and improve community relations.

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